MOBILE       MASSAGE         THERAPIST       AND       WELL BEING      EXPERT IS ON HAND    TO      BRING      OFFICE       MASSAGE         TO      YOU.

Taking care of our bodies is essential if we are going to stay fit and healthy. An onsite chair massage is one step closer to achieving this. Crucially staff enjoy being at work!

The office chair massage service has become a phenomenon in the workplace because it’s so easy to run and set up.

It also gives staff the opportunity to try massage and enjoy the health benefits that it offers to everyone.

A seated chair massage can make a difference to your staff morale, help to improve productivity and generally help to make staff feel extra special. As they do their performance is improved and absenteeism reduced.
A one off treatment will leave you revitalized and focused.

Regular treatments can help to identify problems before they become serious providing insight into areas which would benefit from stretching or postural awareness,giving an overall sense of well being.

Chair massages are un-intrusive, no oil or cream is used during the session. In just 10 minutes your member of staff can experience complete relaxation through the release of retained stress and tension. All staff finish their session feeling re-energized so they can return to work immediately.

From reducing levels of stress, to encouraging a healthy lifestyle, and ensuring that your company retains the best staff out there, it makes commercial sense to provide your staff with an employee benefit such as office massage that makes the workplace a better and more relaxed place.

By ensuring that your staff are able to perform at both their physical and mental, you are adding value to your company, with resultant benefits that include increased productivity, mental stimulation leading to innovative and creative thought, a willingness for staff to wholly dedicate to the company and be happy to put in more effort in order to reach success. As such, providing your staff with a chair massage  service is an investment in your company that can have far reaching positive consequences.

Budgeting time and money for a massage is truly an investment in your staff’s health, research suggests that upwards of ninety percent of illness is stress related. While eliminating anxiety and pressure altogether in this fast-paced world may be idealistic, massage can, without a doubt, help manage your staff stress levels.
Our approach to good health is to look at your employee in the round and with our knowledge and experience help people understand the benefits of taking regular breaks. A break for massage, even 10 minutes can truly make a big difference in the way they feel and performance.

£49 per hour.
A 15 minute treatment is the most popular chair massage treatment length.
The treatment can scale down to 5 minutes for situations where a large volume of clients require a massage in one session.

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