Even if I say I would like to recommend people to overseas I say it is ...

You can travel abroad.

You can travel abroad. Just going to a different country will make you feel refreshed and you can reset both your physical and mental so you can forget your busy everyday life. So, I'd like to recommend I am traveling abroad in Hawaii. I have experience of traveling four times in real life. Because language can communicate to a certain extent, it is less uneasy in language, and in terms of meal it is not much different from Japan. Although climate is good, there is a heat like summer, but since there is no humidity like Japan, I can spend comfortably. The relaxed mood also makes us forget about daily stress. Recently, if you do not mind staying hotel, there are also inexpensive travel packages only for air ticket fee and accommodation hotel fee. I think that it will be a lower rate than going on domestic trips poorly. There are Guam etc. in the same southern country, but because the area is smaller than Hawaii, it may be a little unsatisfactory for shopping and sightseeing. While I am in a recession, I think that it is necessary to travel abroad for a reasonable amount of time to refresh.

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