Even if I say I would like to recommend people to overseas I say it is ...

Summer vacation is already over.

Summer vacation is already over. I wonder if there were many people who went abroad this summer. I regret to say I am not going. I got a souvenir from my older sister who went to Switzerland and I feel a little overseas. Basically I like Europe. Especially France is a favorite country that has visited Paris & Nice on a graduation trip, Paris & Paris during living in England, a great round trip to go north from Nice to Paris on a honeymoon, and has been visited about three times. Although I had a wonderful experience for each, there are many places I would like to go yet. For example, in the Loire region. In the vast countryside where the Loire river flows, the Loire region with scenery beauty enough to be regarded as ""French garden"", which is mainly dotted with many castles built around the 15th century, is wonderful. Unfortunately I could only see one Chenonceau castle when I visited before, but I was touched by that graceful figure too much It is a Champol Castle that took 138 years to complete, and Italy I, for a long time, want to try to visit the castle of Loire, someday, such as Vilaundry Castle that the magnificent French style garden that developed landscaping technology is superb. It is a region recommended for those who are interested in old architecture etc. and want to feel history.

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